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Golden Retriever Club of America

Golden Retriever Club of San Diego County

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club (USA)

Inland Valley Retriever Club

Prado Basin Hunting Retriever Club

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In Memoriam

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UCI Int. CH., U-CD Stevandorn Dijon CD, RE, CCA, CGC
(UKC. ptd., 4 RAE legs, 1 JH leg)

May 23, 2000 - September 12, 2014

You gave so much. Thank you, Bonnie Dijonnie.

Can. CH., U-GRCH., UCI Int. CH. Star Crowned Covington Cross RA, JH, WC, CCA, CGC
(Am. ptd., 1 CD leg)

January 6, 1996 - April 20, 2009.

Can. CH., FCI Int. CH., Mex. CH. Star Crowned Whiter Shade Of Pale CGC, TDI, ThD
(Am. ptd.)

January 6, 1996 - July 12, 2007

ShadeMan is greatly missed by Joan and Wayne.

Star Crowned Morwenna CD, RA, CCA, CGC
(1 CDX leg, 2 NA legs, 1 NAJ leg, UKC ptd.)

August 3, 1998 - April 5, 2007

Star Crowned Barbarella CD, RN, JH, WC, CGC
(2 CCA passes, 1 NAHRA Started pass)

January 6, 1996 - August 16, 2006

UCI Int. SV CH., U-CD, SR Meadowpond Star Crowned Tara CDX, RN, JH, WCX, VC, CGC
(Am. ptd.)

March 23, 1992 - June 15, 2006

Tara leaves a legacy in her children and grandchildren.

She is greatly missed.

Smithaven Star Crowned Zefyr

September 25, 1993 - May 5, 2006

U-CD, SR Icelanduk Star Crowned Garik CDX, JH, WCX, CGC
(1 SH leg)

October 10, 1991 - April 14, 2006

Garrick, you were a Great Dog!

Maritime Star Crowned Briton CD, RN, WC, CCA, CGC
(1 CDX leg, 2 NAP legs, 2 JH legs, 1 SR pass)

April 29, 1994 - March 21, 2006

And she will always carry on
Something is lost
But something is found
They will keep on speaking her name
Some things change
Some stay the same
--"Hymn to Her" by The Pretenders

Brit the Brat, you are very much missed.

Raykist Star Crowned Farley CDX, JH, WC, CGC

August 28, 1993 - August 18, 2005

Farley is the last of my Mom's boys. He has left to join her and those who went before him - Moki, Morgan, Christian, Lucas, Leonardo, & Donovan.

 Can. CH., SR Beaumaris Star Crowned Logan CD, JH, WCX, CGC

June 24, 1988 - April 16, 2004

It was quite a ride with the "Wild Man". I learned about conformation, field, obedience, and lots of humility! Thanks, Logan, for all the wonderful experiences.


Can. CH. Star Crowned Demelza CD, WC, CGC
(Am. ptd.; 1 JH leg)

January 7, 1996 - November 3, 2003

Mellie, I love you and miss you tremendously. I will never forget you.

My heart is broken...

They say the Stars can't see their Rays
Nor can they count their numbered Days...
                             -- Joe Strummer (1952-2002)

 Raykist Star Crowned Donovan JH, WC

March 1, 1992 - March 25, 2003

Donovan had a hemangiosarcoma tumor removed from his spleen soon after my Mom left for a nursing home. He had a wonderful 4 months of celebrating life by playing with puppies and running - something he loved to do. According to my Mom's caretakers, her "boys" were with her during her last year. I'm sure Donovan was among them.

Star Crowned Claudia CGC
(NAHRA Beginner's Certificate)

Adopted 13 August 1990 (at ~5 years of age) from GRCGLA Rescue.

Died 14 September 2000 at ~15 years of age.


Echowoode Okeechobee Etude

May 31, 1978 - October 22, 1991

We always thought Lucas wasn't too bright. However, when he was finally the last one left of the old boys, he came into his own and we discovered that he really wasn't so dumb! After all, he did manage to live a life of leisure and avoided having to do any of that horrible obedience training like the other boys!

Kakulakoa's Leonardo De Oahu CDX

November 5, 1974 - May 24, 1988

Leonardo far out-lived his brother and spent the latter years of his life RVing around North America.

Kakulakoa's Mr. Christian CDX

November 5, 1974 - ~1979

Chris died of Hemangiosarcoma at about 4 years of age.

Peradenia Prince Charming CD
(Am. ptd.)
English Import

August 10, 1971- ~1981

Morgan suffered from severe hip dysplasia and a severe thyroid problem. He loved to swim and "fish" on our beach. He would spend hours everyday swimming and that probably extended his life by building muscle and taking a lot of pressure off his hips.

Moki The Merry Menehune CDX
(Am. ptd.)

June 29, 1971 - September 26, 1974

"Moki the Merry Menehune was our first Golden. He was a bundle of fur when he came into our lives at 5 1/2 weeks of age. He grew into a beautiful fellow and was a gentleman to everyone he met. He had come into his own in obedience. In getting his CDX he had taken two first places in his class and one second. He was ready to go into utility when he was suddenly taken ill. Moki will long be remembered by his family and friends for his happy disposition and willing nature, his devotion and trust. '...that you would have to go some day we knew. But oh, not yet, not yet.' "

Moki died at just over 3 years of age from a toxic reaction to excessive amounts of a worming medicine administered to him by a veterinarian.

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