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The Webb Family's interest in dogs has been around for a long time. When Jack and Harriet were married in 1957, Jack's Tippee, a Rough Collie, became the first Webb Family dog. The family settled in San Diego, CA, where Karen, Linda, and Susanne were born.

 After Tippee died, a brother and sister pair of Australian Shepherds, Cobber & Vicki, joined the family. Cobber was "sent away" after a nasty incident of biting toddler Susanne on the face over a bone. Punch and Judy, two Great Pyrenees, also joined the family. They were shown in AKC conformation and produced a litter from which Polly and Bonnie were kept. As young dogs, Polly and Bonnie were poisoned by a despicable neighbor. Bonnie survived but Polly did not. The family then moved to Julian, CA, and spent a year in a nice house with acreage and horses. Bonnie produced a litter while living in Julian.

 When Jack was transferred to Hawaii about 1970, only Punch was able to accompany the family to Hawaii because of the horrible quarantine requirement. Judy, Bonnie, & Vicki were placed in new homes. Unfortunately, Punch died several months after getting out of quarantine and the Webb Family found themselves without a dog.

 Harriet had seen Golden Retrievers being worked in obedience before leaving San Diego. She had been greatly impressed and now the opportunity was available to obtain the family's first Golden Retriever. Moki arrived as a cute and fluffy 5 week old.

 In order to get around the quarantine requirement, Morgan was imported from England in 1971. He was major pointed in the AKC conformation ring.

 Next came two brothers, Christian and Leonardo. They were born on Maui, so they both got to fly to Oahu in a small plane sitting on Harriet's lap!

 Following the two brothers came Lucas. His dam was bred to Am. CH. Okeechobee Jake and then brought to Hawaii and had her pups in quarantine. Lucas was acquired as a pet only because he was cryptorchid.

 None of these original 5 boys were ever bred.

 Linda married Ron and they first had Daisy who lived a long happy life. Wedge was then acquired from the pound on Maui and then Jem was purchased from a local breeder.

 Susanne was blessed with Murphy in 1985.

 Karen purchased Logan in 1988 from Beaumaris Goldens. Then Garrick arrived from Icelanduk Goldens in early 1992, followed quickly by Tara from Meadowpond Goldens a few months later. Garrick later went to live with Susanne and her family in Colorado.

 Harriet acquired Donovan also in 1992 and then Farley in 1993. They are known in the family as the "Raykist Boys" since they came from Raykist Goldens.

 Briton, a Logan daughter, came to live with us in 1994. Tara was bred to Logan and the first Star Crowned Golden litter was born in January 1996. Karen was very, very bad and kept Covington, Demelza, and Barbarella from this litter. Tara was bred a second time in 1998 to Am. CH. Celestial Sirius Jake CDX, JH, WC, VC, CGC. Wenna was kept from this litter.

 Dijon was imported from England in 2000 from Stevandorn Goldens and is behind most of our current breeding dogs.

Updated: 04 Aug 2019