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Harriet S. Webb

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Golden Retriever Club of America

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Star Crowned Celestial Jewel


September 28, 2011 - September 16, 2019

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When Gemma needed me most, I failed her. She choked on her dinner and I found her too late. She was the sweetest girl. Always in the background of her more demanding relatives, but she would stake her spot on the sofa and reach out to me for a hand/paw touch, a pet, or a hug every time I walked by. She was a great mother and I was so looking forward to seeing her as a grandma. Daughter of Kaywin, half-sister of Maeve & Mongo, cousin of Aurora, Zoe, & Selene, mother of Viva & Quill2. This is a hard one and I will carry the guilt for the rest of my life. She deserved so much better. Gemma, I am sorry. I will love & miss you forever. - Karen


Gemma Gemma

Gemma Gemma Gemma Gemma

Gemma Gemma Gemma



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Endicott Most Shooting-Star
U-CH. Star Crowned Kaywinnit Lee CD, RA, CCA, CGC

Whelped 28 September 2011
Died September 19, 2019
(Tragically choked on her dinner & died)

AKC Registration #

Breeder/Owner: Karen W. Webb, Star Crowned Goldens

CHIC # 98733
Hips OFA GR-111202G32F-VPI "Good"
Elbows OFA GR-EL31495F32-VPI
Heart OFA GR-CA23532/52F/C-VPI-ECHO
Eyes OFA GR-EYE5218/92F-VPI
Thyroid GR-TH2703/36F-VPI
Patella OFA GR-PA1037/37F/P-VPI
prcd-PRA Clear By Parentage
GR_PRA1 Clear By Parentage
GR_PRA2 Clear (Animal Genetics)
Ichthyosis Clear (Animal Genetics)

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Updated: 22 Sep 2019